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EMAIL:    TEL:  +27(0)82 363 3657
4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency
P.O. Box 19643
Tel:  082  363  3657
Terms and Conditions of Business of the Agency, 4Paws

Use of the services
of 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency will be deemed acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

The Agency agrees to provide a Home and Pet Care Service as specified below:

The Client has the option to meet the Sitter and acceptance of the Sitter’s services will be deemed satisfaction with the suitability and integrity of the Sitter supplied by 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency   .

The Agency will charge the Client for its services quoted.  The 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency fee is payable at the time of confirming a booking. The balance due to the sitter (Sitters Fee) is paid directly to the sitter on the last day of the completion of the booking. For sits 7 days and longer please consider paying the sitter a portion of the total amount in advance (at commencement of the booking).

4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency charges time-and-a-half during public holidays.

4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency establishes communication between the Sitter and the Client and liaises in supply of a qualified Sitter interviewed and trained by the Agency.  The Agency accepts a small percentage of the total fee applicable, “the Agency Fee”, however the temporary employment contract, entered into, is between the Sitter and the Client.

Should 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency accept a client’s deposit in advance of a booking and the agency is subsequently unable to fulfil the booking, then a 100% re-imbursement without penalty, by the Agency, to the Client will be implemented.

4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency, Sitter and Client Integrity

4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency goes to great lengths to source reliable, trustworthy, pet loving sitters to look after Client’s homes and pets.

4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency therefore stresses to it’s Sitters NOT TO CONTACT either potential or existing clients directly as this would amount to a breach of confidentiality and will most certainly lead to relinquishment of their service with 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency.  Likewise,  we encourage Client’s to please NOT CONTACT the Agency’s  Sitters directly as the 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency would deem this practice irresponsible and unprincipled, under such circumstances the Agency reserves the right to with-hold any future supply of service.

For convenience and peace-of-mind, should an existing Client wish to use the service of a previous Sitter then Clients are encouraged to contact 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency directly.  Some Sitters are more in demand than others and  4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency will be aware of their future availability.

The Client is responsible for:

The Sitter Fee and any traveling expenses/fares incurred by the Sitter if applicable and agreed with the client.

4Paws Home & Pet Sitting
Agency takes great care in selecting responsible and suitable Sitters. However, 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any acts or omissions of any Sitter or for any loss or damage caused or contributed to by the Sitter, to property, pets or any other item or person, howsoever caused.  Should the Sitter be taken ill or injured or for any reason not be able to complete the contract 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency will use its best endeavours to make alternative arrangements.  Your pets will never be neglected.

In the event of cancellations  which are notified to us in writing, earlier than 48 hours prior to the start of the booking period, the fee will be refunded in full. Cancellations  made after this will result in the total booking fee being forfeited.
The Sitter may not:

Leave the house
except in an emergency for more than one hour after dark.

Have overnight visitors or more than one day time visitor at a time. If the Client gives permission for visitors then it will be deemed the responsibility of the Client should anything go wrong.

Drink the Client’s alcoholic beverages without their permission.

The Sitter is not responsible
for any loss or damage to the Client’s property, howsoever caused.


In the event of an emergency arising, the Sitter will use his/her discretion and will contact the Agency forthwith where an informed decision will be made and where necessary Clients will be contacted for further instruction.


Staff & Neighbours: Over the last 15 years 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency has experienced some interesting feedback regarding Client’s personal staff and neighbours.  4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency are fully aware of the impact neighbours observations and domestic staff feedback may have on a Client’s perception of the service rendered by the Sitter.  4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency will always consider negative  “hear-say” comment by neighbours and domestic staff with regards services provided  but we are also completely aware of misinformation and “over-zealous” comment. 

If the Client’s car is to be used by the Sitter, insurance cover must be in force. The Client is responsible for checking that the Sitter’s driving licence is valid and for informing insurers of their departure and the presence of the Sitter in the house.

Sitters are responsible: for their own public liability insurance.

The house will be maintained to a normal standard but Client’s are respectfully asked to note that Sitter’s are not cleaners.

The client should inform 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency of any changes or extension in booking dates, to avoid inconvenience to other Clients.

Invoices unpaid by the due date can render the booking liable to cancellation without notice, and without liability on the part of 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency .


Due to the
nature of un-controllable crime in South Africa, neither the client nor sitter shall be held responsible for any loss, to client or the Sitter or to 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency by means of physical, material, personal or otherwise loss, howsoever caused, during the period booked with 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency. The client will remain responsible to fulfil his or her responsibility to the fees agreed upon with 4Paws Home & Pet Sitting Agency.

Sitters are expected to liaise with the Clients security company while visiting a Client’s premises.  It is considered normal practice to entrust your security alarm code with your Sitter.  It is the Client’s responsibility to decide whether or not to reset an alarm password after the sitter has completed the booking.